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Spirit Spine is the one man project of Joseph Denney a Junior attending Indiana University but one listen to his album Glossolalia would probably surprise most people that the music he is making is both solo and at such a young age.  Spirit Spine cites inspiration from some of indies royalty acknowledging My Bloody Valentine and Boards of Canada among others and the result is something that is pretty unique in the music scene right now.  Denney’s music could definitely be classified as shoegaze but that limits the expansiveness of the style.  For the most part the songs are lo-fi, dark, grand, emotive and always great.  Glossolalia is probably going to be one of the sleeper hits of 2011 and deserves plenty of attention, I’m only on my second listen and I keep getting pulled back into the album and think it will only grow more with time.  The entire album can be streamed below and bought from his bandcamp.  Hit the jump for more details on the album’s psychical release.


I guess one way to stick out is by releasing your music on a uniquely colored vinyl, which is exactly what Denney has done with Glossolalia.  For $12 you can get a vinyl of the album which is being released in extremely limited numbers.

Pretty awesome!  If you needed anymore incentive to get it… it comes with a personalized thank you note!  Now go get it!


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