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Seeing how most of the indie music world is attending SXSW and there really isn’t much in the way of new music I’ve been listening to a lot of the older stuff I have.  One of the artists I recently started listening to is the 80s band The Feelies and their spectacular record Crazy Rhythms.  The entire record is brimming with fast, complex and interesting songs that laid down the ground work for what indie rock was to become.

Since its release in 1980 the band and Crazy Rhythms have both gained immense acclaim and many cite the album as one of the best and most influential albums of the 1980’s.  Today a lot of bands are taking cues from the new wave trends of the 80s and while sometimes it has fantastic results (Neon Indian, LCD Soundsystem) it can get tiresome.  Listening to The Feelies is a great break from some of that music and something everyone should check out.


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