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Last night I stayed up to watch an entire hour of MTV’s Woodie Awards just to see how O.F. would treat their second TV appearance.  Although the performance was at the very end of the night and a full hour of watching Wiz Khalifa receive awards was before it O.F. went all out and made it all worth it for the many people who tuned in just to see them.  The performance started with a mini version of Tyler lip-syncing the words to ‘Yonkers’ with Tyler somewhere actually spitting it.  After the first verse the real Tyler runs out kicks off the impersonator and performs an edited (but slightly less edited than the Fallon version) version of ‘Sandwitches’.  From there all hell breaks lose as other O.F. members Left Brain, Domo Genesis, Mike G and Syd take the stage alongside a giant chicken and what looks like either a monster or a lobster.  Many stage dives occur and it’s all pretty awesome.  It would have been better if the night leading up to it had been more entertaining but with the O.F. performance and Lil’ B taking Kanye West’s award it was still a worthwhile show.


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