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Blu may be the most unpredictable artist I know.  He first got recognized with his pretty easy to listen to, soulful album with Exile, Below The Heavens, then he moved in a different direction and put out a mixtape that was almost more jazz than rap, and his upcoming major label debut, No York! is looking like its going to be a departure from all of this.  Fly Lo put together some rough, 8-bit production for this track, and its one of the most unique rap songs I’ve heard in a while.  I honestly can’t think of anything to compare this to other than maybe the soundtrack to Castlevania.  In this interview, Blu says No York! will feature production from Samiyam, Daedalus, Exile, Madlib, and Sa-Ra just to name a few, so it will definitely shake things up in the hip-hop industry, that is if Warner Bros. lets him release something so experimental.  Download and stream below…



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