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A while ago I posted a bunch of shoes that were the product of a collaboration between Animal Collective and the clothing company Keep.  Along with ordering the shoes the band promised to release a tape of material that each of the member had never released.  The video above is a new teaser for the Mixtape and features the song ‘Fickle Cycle’ from the bands Grass EP.  Although I wasn’t exactly impressed by any of the shoes offered the Mixtape is pretty enticing, not to mention that all proceeds go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund.  Check out the tracklisting and cover art after the jump.


Cover Art:

Track List:

01 Geologist – “Jailhouse”
02 Avey Tare – “Call Home (Buy Grapes)”
03 Deakin – “Country Report”
04 Panda Bear – “The Preakness”


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