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Seeing as we here at the Up-Turn are unashamed conforming hipsters I couldn’t help but listen to the latest buzz band that is making its rounds across the blogosphere.  The Weeknd is a mysterious r&b project that was recently hyped up by rap superstare Drake.  The project is a Toronto based group and their early leaks of slow-burning and emotional r&b has taken over many blogs.

The Weeknd- What You Need:

What You Need (above) is really the track that is getting the most praise and I must agree with most of the other blogs.  What You Need is an incredibly intimate and unforgetable track that is carried by the strength of the singers vocals and the dark backing.  The band has appeared as both ‘The Weekend’ and ‘The Weeknd’ but I am just going to spell it the later way for now.  I am sure they will only continue to get hyped and praised so the settlement for the true way to spell their name will probably take place later.  Either way, their music is good.

The Weeknd- Wicked Games:


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