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The Up-Turn

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In 2003 The Wrens dropped what has undoubtedly become one of my favorite indie rock records with their integral 2000s release The Meadowlands.  Ever since that release the band has been hinting at a new release and although nothing is official The Wrens have leaked a new track that hopefully signifies a return to recording.  While most bands tend to loose a lot of their creativity and inspiration with age As I’ve Known shows off that The Wrens haven’t lost a thing.  The track fades in like it is being tuned into on an old AM radio and chiming guitars and harmonized singing soon warms up the speakers and will probably give most fans of the band goosebumps.  As I’ve Known is a stunning slow-burner in the vein of tracks like ‘Happy‘ and ’13 Months in 6 Minutes’ yet it also shows that the band is not treading old territory.  This is easily one of the most exciting and instantly classic tracks I have heard all year and I really hope this means more Wrens to come in our future.


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