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Monthly Archives: March 2011

I was pretty happy to receive this in my email today; a new, free, EP from up and coming act It is rain in my face.  Matt is prepping to release an EP on Denmark records sometime this summer and before that he has decided to grace us with a free collection of 4 tracks that feature acoustic guitar and other experimentation that are new to his project.  Listening to the EP I am starting to notice a similarity between Matt’s vocals and those of folk band Woods.  That said his vocals are very unique and one of the main things that always brings me back to the project.  This short taste should further prove that It is rain in my face is an act to keep an eye on, he’s got real talent.  Stream the title-track below as well as the download link.

It is rain in my face- Small Prayer:

Download: It is rain in my face- Small Prayer


Way back when you, your mom, your friend, your ex-girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend’s aunt, and Kanye West didn’t know what an Odd Future was, Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis laid verses over J. Cole’s single “Who Dat”.  Now they are back, and this time their victim is RZA’s classic “Liquid Swords”.  RZA’s rough, distorted production suits both MC’s extremely well, and makes for a good tid-bit in a waiting period for Odd Future fans.  Stream/download below…


In case you already weren’t psyched enough for the upcoming sophomore album from Fleet Foxes here is some more awesomeness to continue the hype.  The video for the latest single ‘Grown Ocean’ features plenty of sun-soaked, VHS quality recording that is so hip these days along with in studio video of the band doing their thing.  Which is a very great thing.  It’s amazing being reminded just how young all these guys are and how mature their sound already is.


tUnE-yArDs is doing an incredible job gaining and building hype for her upcoming LP and in these past few weeks the indie-world has been taken by storm by her memorable songs and songwriting style that is a lot unlike most things we’ve heard before.  The video for her great single ‘Bizness’ goes all out in capturing all the fun and color of the track with plenty of great costumes and video editing.  Many people are already praising this as one of the better videos that have been released this year which is hard not to believe after just watching the first 5 amazing seconds of the video.


Someone needs to write a thank you note to Blackbird Blackbird to all of the great free music they have given the world over the past year or so.  Now, they have put an entire LP up on bancamp for the world to enjoy.  Halo LP ranges from acoustic to completely electronic tracks, all full of lush reverb comparable to Phil Spector’s wall of sound.  When Blackbird Blackbird first came onto the scene they were clearly a chillwave band, but throughout the past few months they have shown that you can’t classify them so strictly, with outlier remixes and tracks that completely ditch the chillwave sound.  This LP is a little more chillwave than not, but is a great listen, especially for these early spring days.  You can stream the album below and there is a limited amount of name your own price downloads on their bandcamp, so get it while you can


After stunning most critics with the release of his not-really-chill-wave album, Underneath the Pine, and establishing himself as one of the independent world’s most original songwriters, Chaz Bundick is prepping to release a Split 7″ with label mates Cloud Nothings.  The A-side from that project is something much darker than most Toro y Moi tracks while still retaining the classic funk/psych feel that Chaz now owns.  The 7″ will drop on April 18th on Carpark Records.


When I asked Joseph Denney, brainchild behind the up and coming act Spirit Spine, if he wanted to do an interview, I don’t think either of us were expecting for the talk to be a genuine conversation and less a formal interview.  Over skype we talked for nearly two hours sharing music tastes, talking about our favorites and about how the internet has let us young people get our ideas out there.  It was a awesome talk for both of us and obviously I had to cut a lot from the conversation to keep it relatively short and filled with the real information that we shared.  Since we chatted over skype chat we weren’t using our best grammar and all of that has been left unedited.  Check out the full interview after the jump.

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