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I’d been putting off listening to Odd Future’s R&B singer Frank Ocean’s album for a little while now.  I’ve never really been able to get into any R&B music other than Stevie Wonder but I thought I might as well give Nostalgia, Ultra a try because it seems like Odd Future can do no wrong.  Although there were some songs on the album like his reinterpretation of MGMT’s “Electric Feel”; “Nature Feels” that I found pretty cliché and unoriginal for something coming from Odd Future, there were a few gems like this one.  While most recent R&B songs I have heard take the point of view of the singer seducing some teenage girl so he can pee on her, “Songs For Women” isn’t a song for a woman, but a song about how many women he gets because of his voice.  I think with some more original production behind him Frank Ocean could churn out a pretty good and refreshing R&B album so I’m definitely going to keep my eye on him.  Stream/download and link to Nostalgia, Ultra below…




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