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I love skateboarding.  I don’t care if everyone thinks this is a music blog, I want it to be a blog of all good things.  I first heard of Tyler, The Creator through skateboarding, my favorite way to sink my teeth into a new album is by listening to it on my iPod while I skate back and forth in my driveway learning new tricks, and I wouldn’t have been exposed to tons of great music if it weren’t for my extended youtube skate video binges.  I just had one of those and discovered this gem.  Bert Wootton’s part in Organika’s “Cosmic Vomit” immediately amazed me.  His creativity reminds me of a more graceful, less gritty version of the gonz.  Also, Wootton’s skating is put to Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene)’s great track “Farewell To The Pressure Kids”.  Now if you would excuse me, I am off to continue my skate video binge and shuffle through all of the Broken Social Scene songs in my itunes library.


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