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A while back, the XX’s beat-crafter, Jamie XX, played this track on a radio show.  The track was great, but the quality was bad and some annoying BBC Radio DJ was throwing in his two-cents about the track every other second.  Now we have the track in its full glory, and it is now over 8 minutes long.  Though this track is crafted incredibly well, I for one have a terribly short attention span so the track comes off as a little repetitive to me.  For me, Jamie XX’s music would be perfect if he recruited a rapper to throw in maybe just one verse into the 8 minutes.  I think he and Childish Gambino worked very well together on their Adele remix so I would enjoy Jamie XX move more towards a rap producer role.  Regardless, this track is still going straight to my ipod.  Stream HERE and download below…



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