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Daily Archives: 02/22/2011

A while back, the XX’s beat-crafter, Jamie XX, played this track on a radio show.  The track was great, but the quality was bad and some annoying BBC Radio DJ was throwing in his two-cents about the track every other second.  Now we have the track in its full glory, and it is now over 8 minutes long.  Though this track is crafted incredibly well, I for one have a terribly short attention span so the track comes off as a little repetitive to me.  For me, Jamie XX’s music would be perfect if he recruited a rapper to throw in maybe just one verse into the 8 minutes.  I think he and Childish Gambino worked very well together on their Adele remix so I would enjoy Jamie XX move more towards a rap producer role.  Regardless, this track is still going straight to my ipod.  Stream HERE and download below…



NicX has been non-stop releasing great and consistent tracks for these past few weeks and the latest is a short track that shows NicX working over a beat unlike anything I’ve heard rappers going over.  Cleveland Blues lives up to its name as NicX uses a blues sample is instantly clear after the first raw bass hit that it is not a typical instrumental that most people are using today.  The track is incredibly short at only just over a minute and a half but that is more than enough time for NicX to show off what he does best as he works well with the odd timed beat.  At the end NicX promises that people “aren’t even ready for what [he’s] about to do to yall” and with all the great releases it’s hard not to believe him.

Download: NicX- Cleveland Blues


The latest release from electronic-producer mastermind Flying Lotus is a contribution to the compilation album Let the Children Techno.  As is customary with Fly Lo releases the song is incredibly chilled-out and sounds like it could have been conceived sometime in the late 70s.  There are lots are weird samples and noses floating around in the mix and the whole song gives a great sense of wonder and mysterious that only Fly Lo can create.