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Last night, Odd Future made their television debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  The Roots performed an incredible live instrumentation of the beat for “Sandwitches” and Tyler and Hodgy rapped a heavily censored and altered version of the song over it.  Ever since I first discovered Tyler’s music a little over a year ago, he seemed to be really focused on breaking into the mainstream and not staying an underground rapper, but I always wondered how he would be able to do that with all of the fucked up imagery that Odd Future flaunts and their extremely profane lyrics.  This performance just proved to me that it is possible for them (especially Tyler) to make the leap into the mainstream.  Though their verses are almost completely changed, Hodgy and Tyler both perform them flawlessly with their incredible energy and stage presence the likes of which network TV has never seen.  I think that anyone who hadn’t heard of Odd Future before seeing this performance was decidedly won over the second Tyler leaped onto Jimmy Fallon’s back.  You can expect to hear Tyler’s music in heavy rotation on Z100 and MTV by the end of the year.


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