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EIWIF band Yuni in Taxco instantly won me over with their 60s revival sound that reminds me of blog-favorite Girls.  Luckily, Yuni in Taxco aren’t just trend-followers as their sound is incredibly well developed and mature given that they could have easily fallen into the big mass of bands bringing back the simpler sounds of the 60s.  With their recent trip to Seattle’s KEXP, Yuni in Taxco continue to really impress me as they show-off that they are just as good live as on recordings.

What Love Will Provide is still catchy as hell and King of Borneo shows-off a more experimental and interesting side of the band’s style.  At points King of Borneo reminds me of Dirty Projectors and specifically their amazing album Bitte Orca, which is a good thing.  These guys have  a lot of talent and hopefully this performance will help spread the word about their great music.


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