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The Up-Turn

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Tyler just released the full version of his recent song “Yonkers” on iTunes.  This new version has a third verse that was not included in the video.  Technically the third verse isn’t even Tyler, its actually his (even more) evil alter-ego Wolf Haley and its no less incredible than the other two.  He uses the opportunity to dish out some good ‘ol death threats on the lives of bitch boy Brandun Deshay and pitchfork (!!!).  I don’t think anyone has really gone after pitchfork before so I’m really excited to see how or if they address it.  It comforts me to know that as Tyler is rapidly being slingshotted to the top of the music world, he is still keeping it real and kicking everyone in the face as he climbs up.  You can only stream the song below because Odd Future has already given you 10+ albums for free and Tyler deserves to make money for once.

UPDATE: Also, I just found out that Tyler just signed with XL… kind of.  He signed a one album deal with them, most likely to distribute his upcoming album Goblin which will hopefully be released in April.  Congrats Tyler, and fuck you.


They say success is the best revenge.  So I beat Deshay up with a stack of magazines im in.


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