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Daily Archives: 02/11/2011

For the past few months Noah Lennox has consistently been releasing singles that are set to appear on his forthcoming album Tomboy.  While most of the songs showed off an impressive direction that Lennox would be pursuing most of them left me a little bit unsatisfied and expecting more.  Luckily, all the singles have been slightly reworked with producer Sonic Boom for the full-length release.  Last Night at the Jetty is the first album version leak from Tomboy and it is pretty much what I have been waiting for.  It has the expected drone sound that all the singles showed-off and is filled with Panda’s lush vocals.  Stream and download below (via PMA).


Tyler, The Creator has never ceased to amaze me.  While watching the stunningly produced video for his latest single Yonkers my jaw instantly dropped and I couldn’t look away for one second.  Tyler’s stage presence is something that just can’t be described.  He has some way of letting listeners into his beautifully fucked-up mind by creating music as twisted as it is amazing.  Tyler’s rhymes are also as dexterous as ever as he raps about everything from Adventure Time to Bruno Mars.  Of course there are plenty of Golf Wang shout-outs within the dense lyrics as well.  The video is filled with the disturbing things anyone should expect from the mind of Tyler and it is all directed by Tyler himself and filmed by Luis Planch Perez.  Just giving Tyler the center stage is all that’s needed to make a completely entrancing and gripping video unlike anything any other artist today could pull-off.  It’s also worth noting that the video is currently one of the most blogged about things on the internet scoring posts on Pitchfork, Stereogum, Pigeons and Planes and countless others showing how far Odd Future has come since last year.  After listening to Yonkers there is no doubt that Tyler’s second full-length Goblin will be one of the best albums of the year.