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Daily Archives: 02/07/2011

Director Scott Ross held nothing back when directing the video for Toro Y Moi’s awesome new track New Beat.  Although a coherent story is hard to piece together, the video displays an extremely dark and foggy world where many people are either tripping balls or going crazy.  Whether all the smoke is doing it the people or if it is a drug is left ambiguous and the entire video is captivating and entrancing.  Chaz only has a few short cameos in the video and surprisingly he does not do anything incredibly hipster becoming a part of the darkened world.  Definitely one of my favorites of the year so far.


When I first listened to the spectacular Memory Tapes track, Today Is Our Life, I didn’t expect that it could be used as a hip-hop beat.  Philadelphia native who goes by the name Trademark Experience somehow turned the song into an awesome background to lay down his lyrics.  As a lyricist, Trademark is dealing with a tale that most young artists can relate to as he rhymes about his struggle just getting known in the music industry.  The subject matter definitely isn’t what’s going to impress most people but his impressive producing skills remixing Memory Tapes song into a suitable beat to rap over.  Trademark is a very fresh-faced rapper so I suspect his lyrics will only grow as he builds more of a fan-base.  If you liked the track check out his website and facebook page.