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How to Dress Well is one of the projects from 2010 that I never really got into despite the crazy amount of praise and hype he raised last year for his full-length.  While I never quite jumped on to the Tom Krell bandwagon, I can’t help but be entranced by the Jamie Harley directed videos for tracks Suicide Dream 1 & 2.  Dream 1 is a clip of a mysterious, burning object falling into water played backwards and Dream 2 is a more disturbing video which shows a couple in an emotional embrace.

Like Krell’s music, both videos leave me completely unsure of what to think and I am not sure if they are genius or more lo-fi indulgence.   Either way Krell’s music have an interestingly entrancing affect that I can’t deny and along side Harley’s videos the product is very interesting.  I am definitely excited for whatever Krell or Harley have planned for us in the future.


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