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Sample aficionado and instrumental vet RJD2 just released a new album under the alias “The Insane Warrior”.  We Are The Doorway was inspired by the audio, not the visuals, of myriad sci-fi and horror movies from 1975-1984 according to The Insane Warrior, and it definitely shows at some points.  RJD2 is known for the hip-hop qualities he infuses into every song he makes, which results in a pretty crazy combination in We Are The Doorway.  The best example of this I can think of is “Thrust and Grain” which has a synthesizer that sounds like something straight out of an old sci-fi movie with RJD2-esque hip-hop drums in the background the entire time.  Though this seems like a pretty odd idea, We Are The Doorway has some amazing tracks such as “Water Wheel”, the music video of which you can watch above.  You can stream the entire album below via bandcamp and then link to download it for a cool $6.50 below that.



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