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The Up-Turn

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Anytime OFWGKTA uploads a video to youtube I know that I am in for some Golf Wang hooligan fun that will probably only make me like Odd Future more than I already do.  The gang recently raided the Berrics and performed a bunch of tasks submitted by fans.  Some of the tasks include kick-flips in bathrooms, slapping Taco, giving shout outs to Compton and comparing the coolness of Justin Bieber and R. Kelly.  One text calls Tyler out for “sucking at skateboarding” and Tyler effortlessly blows that idea out of the water.  Basically Odd Future went and swagged the shit out of the Berrics and captured it on camera.  The video also highlights Tyler’s eccentric personality that is set to take over the world after he makes his TV debut on the 16th.


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