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My excitement for James Blake’s self-titled release (which drops in 5 days!!) has now reached an all time high with the latest video for Blake’s Wilhelm Scream.  Wilhelm Scream is easily among the most unique and powerful tracks that I have heard all year.  Over minimal electronics and with distorted and layered vocal’s Blake builds an amazing melody from repeating the phrase “I don’t know about my dreams/I don’t know about my dreaming anymore/All that I know is I’m falling, falling, falling.”  It is definitely the best track I have heard from Blake and it highlights everything great about his music.  Many people have definitely started to see dubstep as a stale genre and James Blake’s new take on the style is invigorating and fantastic.  The video is a much simpler and equally as powerful piece.  Blake’s face is washed over with film distortion and revealed on for short glimpses creating a sense of privacy and mystery.  Like all his work, it is obvious that Wilhelm Scream is an incredibly personal and emotional piece for Blake and I can’t wait to fully delve into his album.


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