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Long before the days of Odd Future creating rap music that is making people question what is acceptable to say in music hip-hop was an incredibly melodic and mild genre.  Striving more to prove it’s legitimacy as a genre MC’s were more concerned with making all around appealing and conventional songs.   Being polite, however, did not constrict the incredibly amount of creativity and power in the music and no group proves this more than the soft spoken De La Soul.  Over an amazing beat of samples and whistles, De La Soul can makes songs like Eye Know just as affective and amazing as any song that drops multiple f-bombs.

De La Soul were prominent in what many people now refer to as the Golden Age of Rap and along with bands like Jungle Brothers and A Tribe Called Quest.  Along with these bands, De La Soul was breaking popular conventions of rap music embracing jazz and soul samples for much of their music.  Their 80s album, 3 Feet High and Rising, is now considered to be a hip-hop classic and a must listen to for any fan of rap music.  The music embraces themes of world peace, love and dandruff… so yeah it’s pretty amazing.


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