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The Up-Turn

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The Dismemberment Plan has always said that they drew inspiration for their work during the 90s from rappers and MCs and as proof the band expanded Das Racist’s original internet hit Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell to a 4-minute long hard-rock, fast-food praising jam.  The whole song is a lot of fun and at one point Travis is yelling out “Chic Fillet” with more a crazy amount of energy and passion.  Krispy Kreme, White Castle, Long John Silvers and other chains get their respective shout-outs in this song and the whole thing is probably one of the last things I would expect from a Das Racist cover.  It may not sound anything like the original, apart from the opening lines of banter, but it is still a really interesting and fun version of Das Racist’s soon to be classic.


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