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James Blake’s self-titled, debut full-length is something that I have been pretty hyped for after the amount of promising EP’s that Blake released last year.  Blake’s amazing producing skills have earned him lots of praise and hype from all around the blogosphere and I can’t wait to hear what a full album of Blake’s will sound like.  To help tide over any fans who can’t wait for the upcoming February 7th release, Blake has released an 11-minute sampler of the album playing segments of each song.  As expected everything is sounded as great as we hoped with Blake showing off not only the experimentation of the album but also the great atmosphere and unique sounds that sound unlike anything that I have heard before.  Some songs recall the auto-tuning experiments of Bon Iver with an incredible sense of minimalism and darkness.


One of the first leaks from the album, Measurements, can be streamed above and the track only continues to get me excited for what will surely be one of 2011’s best albums.  The track is an intimate and incredible personal sounding near-acapella ballad where many vocal tracks are layered over one another and manipulated.  I am definitely getting an African-American Spiritual type vibe from this, which may sound odd coming from a British electronic-producer, however, it is successful in being an incredibly unique and stunning track.  Whether or not this is acapella-core may be up to interpretation but the track is stunning either way.


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