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I think its awesome that Lil’ B puts out so much music, but the sheer volume of his material makes him so hard to keep track of.  My solution is to do a big Lil’ B post like this every once in a while.  Up top you can watch the video for his new track “Motivation” which caters to the people who think Lil’ B can’t rap.  After the jump you can watch “The Growth”, another more conventional hip-hop track, “I Still Can’t Sleep”, a track that shows that Lil’ B is socially conscious, “Exhibit 6”, one of the darkest tracks I’ve ever heard from Lil’ B, and “Dr. Phil”, some good ol’ cookin’ music.  Enjoy, or bitch about how Lil’ B can’t rap, your choice.


“The Growth”

“I Still Can’t Sleep”

“Exhibit 6”

“Dr. Phil”

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