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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I’d been putting off listening to Odd Future’s R&B singer Frank Ocean’s album for a little while now.  I’ve never really been able to get into any R&B music other than Stevie Wonder but I thought I might as well give Nostalgia, Ultra a try because it seems like Odd Future can do no wrong.  Although there were some songs on the album like his reinterpretation of MGMT’s “Electric Feel”; “Nature Feels” that I found pretty cliché and unoriginal for something coming from Odd Future, there were a few gems like this one.  While most recent R&B songs I have heard take the point of view of the singer seducing some teenage girl so he can pee on her, “Songs For Women” isn’t a song for a woman, but a song about how many women he gets because of his voice.  I think with some more original production behind him Frank Ocean could churn out a pretty good and refreshing R&B album so I’m definitely going to keep my eye on him.  Stream/download and link to Nostalgia, Ultra below…




Here’s the video for the title track off of Wavves’ recent album King of the Beach.  The video features Nathan Williams and his band mates getting icey.  He even has a copy of The Kramer in his house.  Other than there’s some video games, weed, cats, fake Wavves money, and actual waves.  Nathan Williams is becoming a superb purveyor of not-give-a-fuck-ness and can do no wrong.

The chef and Nas have reunited for this track off of Raekwon’s upcoming album Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang.  The two (wisely) decide to stay with the boom-bap story rap that they both came up on, and as always it works well.  Raekwon is planning on releasing two albums this year, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang, an album with conventional Raekwon tracks like this, and another album that may or may not be the third installment in his legendary Only Built 4 Cuban Linx series in which he plans on going a little out of his comfort zone over more melodic beats by the likes of Just Blaze, Kanye West, and more.  Stream below…


Right now its past midnight, and I have to get up early for school tomorrow, but this is one of the coolest things I’ve heard in a while.  Kanye is now an Odd Future fan and I think Tyler has inspired some not-give-a-fuck-ness in him.  This freestyle isn’t wildly inappropriate or anything like that, but it is incredibly honest, and will ultimately get a lot more people pissed off at him.  He further delves into the issue of his whole VMA thing, this time expressing anger towards Beyonce and its all off the top of his head.  Mos Def’s freestyle is good too, but Kanye’s just blew me away.  Oh yeah, this was recorded at the Blue Note jazz club in NYC when the two joined Lupe Fiasco on stage for a little while.  Stream/download below…

via Frank Ramz

I have recently been getting into Modest Mouse’s ’97 release The Lonesome Crowded West and almost everything about it has amazed me so far.  I have always considered The Moon & Antarctica one of my favorite albums of all time and Crowded West is filled with all the same things that made me fall in love with the band in the first place.  For me the album’s stand-out is undoubtedly the track Trailer Trash.  I have known about Trailer Trash for a long time and I have really come to see it as one of the most emotionally gripping and affecting tracks that I have listened to.  Everything about the song is really perfect to me and I just felt like posting a stream of the track for anyone who hasn’t heard it before.


I really don’t know much about Fashawn but I love the Bart Simpson rip-off on the cover of his latest mixtape Higher Learning.  Fashawn most recent album Boy Meets World garnered plenty of praise and I know Terry was a big fan so I am sure that Higher Learning is a mixtape that is worth the time.  I haven’t listened to it yet but seeing as it is completely free and probably going to be filled with some gems I suggest everyone do what I did and go ahead and download the mixtape.

Download: Fashawn- Higher Learning 2


I love skateboarding.  I don’t care if everyone thinks this is a music blog, I want it to be a blog of all good things.  I first heard of Tyler, The Creator through skateboarding, my favorite way to sink my teeth into a new album is by listening to it on my iPod while I skate back and forth in my driveway learning new tricks, and I wouldn’t have been exposed to tons of great music if it weren’t for my extended youtube skate video binges.  I just had one of those and discovered this gem.  Bert Wootton’s part in Organika’s “Cosmic Vomit” immediately amazed me.  His creativity reminds me of a more graceful, less gritty version of the gonz.  Also, Wootton’s skating is put to Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene)’s great track “Farewell To The Pressure Kids”.  Now if you would excuse me, I am off to continue my skate video binge and shuffle through all of the Broken Social Scene songs in my itunes library.