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I’ve never been the biggest Jimmy Fallon fan, but I must admit his show “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” gets the best musical acts by far.  To start out, he already has an accomplished band in The Roots to back him up, but he also gets great artists to go along with The Roots.  The Dirty Projectors had a pretty nice performance on his show, and Big Boi’s performance of “Shutterbug” backed up by The Roots was incredible.  Now its Odd Future’s turn.  On Febuary 16th, Tyler, The Creator, and Hodgy Beats will be performing on Fallon accompanied by ?uestlove.  They haven’t announced what song they will be playing but I’m guessing it will be a heavily censored rendition of “Sandwitches”.  For Odd Future, shits about to get real.



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