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If you haven’t seen the review, I am a big fan of Ducktails and his latest release Arcade Dynamics.  One of the most praised and memorable tracks from that album is the great jam Killin’ the Vibe which features Noah Lennox from Animal Collective.  The track is easily one of my favorites of the year so far and now Matt wants to self-release a 12″ for the track all funded by pledges from fans.  The 12″ would feature the track Killin’ the Vibe as well as a live version of the song and two unreleased tracks and will have a handwritten note from Matt.  Depending on the pledge Matt is also offering cassettes, photos and even a live performance for $500.  The project is running through Kickstarter and all the money transactions are through Amazon so the whole process is legit and safe.  Go support Matt at the Kickstart page where you can watch a video about the project and view the different pledges.  Me and Terence have already pledged and it is definitely something worth checking out.


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