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For a long time the bedroom-pop music scene has been obsessed with the nostalgic and hazy sounds of the 80s with an incredible number of bands flying under the chill-wave banner.  While a lot of that music was fantastic, there is definitely a noticeable shift away from these warm sounds and towards a darker and colder electronic sound.  Last year James Blake was definitely a leader in that movement and while I eagerly anticipate his full-length to be released later this year there is plenty good music that is also treading similar territory.  ArnHao is one of these projects and their latest track Love Fades shows a great amount of talent and skill.  Love Fades builds off of a minimalist background and is carried by the chilling voice of the singer Arturo Holmes II.  It is a slow-burning track that will definitely appeal to fans of the xx or James Blake.  As a bonus if you email they will send you a download of the track on its Valentines Day release.  Stream the track below via Denmark Records Bandcamp.


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