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I have been slow to catch onto the great indie-folk band Mountain Goats.  Known for their vivid and imaginative story-telling, Mountain Goats have released 17 albums since their beginnings and they are planning on releasing an LP later this year entitled All Eternals Deck.  Despite the fact that I have never listened to a single one of their 17 albums I am actually getting excited for the newest release due to the first track to leak. Check after the jump for my track review of Damn These Vampires

Damn These Vampires is a great introduction to the band’s style and has some of the smartest lyrics that I have heard so far this year.  Front-man John Darnielle’s voice and lyrics capture listeners like the seasoned pro that he is and for the whole three and a half minutes I remain totally encapsulated in the story of the song.  The instrumentation in the background is definitely light and while at first it may seem cheap and boring the piano and drumming are actually incredibly interesting and complex.  The instruments work together and their strongest suit is definitely the use of interplay between the guitar and piano parts.  Without being particularly catchy or having a memorable melody I can’t help but keep repeating the song.  Their is a mood of mystery that the band conveys as the singers mutters the great lyrics “some day we won’t remember this/crawl till dawn on my hands and knees/goddamn these vampires for what they’ve done to me.”  If the album continues with these strong stories Mountain Goats will definitely have a great album in store for us.  Stream and download the track below.



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