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Out of all the many bedroom-pop artists that released music during 2010, no one seemed to attract more attention than Blackbird Blackbird.  His popularity is mostly due to his consistent and frequent releases that are always stunning and spectacular.  It has been awhile since we last posted anything by him and since then he has continually released nearly a great song or remix every other day.  I am making this to post as much of that new music as I can because it is all pretty amazing.

Nevr Be the Same:

She’s Got Everything:

She’s Got Everything and Nevr Be the Same show Mikey experimenting with a more sample based sound that strays a little away from the classic bedroom pop that we have come to expect from him.  As expected both tracks are great and hopefully will appear on some form of a full-length release later this year.

Hit the jump for two more of his remixes.

Check out his soundcloud and bandcamp for more tracks.

Beach House- Winter Sun (Blackbird Blackbird Remix):

Warpaint- Undertoe (Blackbird Blackbird Remix):


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