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I have a feeling it is only a matter of weeks, maybe days until Zoo Kid is going to take the entire Indie world by storm.  Zoo Kid is a 16 year old kid from London that makes me feel like the most untalented piece of shit on Earth.  The song above, “Out Getting Ribs” exhibits some of the most sophisticated song-writing I have heard from any indie artist, regardless of age, in a while.  Most 16 year-olds stay in the shadows of other artists by borrowing their styles, but not Zoo Kid.  Zoo Kid is doing his own thing and the originality is killing me.  His instrumentation reminds me of a more haunting, minimalist Real Estate, and I don’t even know what to compare his voice to.  Its way deeper than you would expect from a 16 year old, and he uses some type of over-dubbing echo effect that makes it sound like something monstrous but profound.  Maybe I’m going too much on first impressions, but so far Zoo Kid seems like an Indie prodigy who is going to do amazing things in the future.  Download the track below or link to his bandcamp to listen to more amazing music.

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