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As the release date of Cut Copy’s 3rd studio-album approaches the band is continuing to build hype by releasing more in studio videos of the band talking about and recording the album.  Parts 3 and 4 have been released and they definitely have me ready for the Zonoscope.  One thing that was sorely missing in Pt.’s 1 and 2 of the documentary was the band experimenting with their noisier tendencies and Pt.’s 3 and 4 make up for that as it shows that band making all sorts of sounds and noises.  Things get really interesting when the band brings in live group of singers to record one part of the album.

The videos also show the band having lots of fun and most people probably wouldn’t be interesting unless they are big fans of the band (like me!), even so the footage is all great with live performances and great music snippets.  I have no idea why the parts are called “Visions of Cloud Neck” and “Dark Side Of The Pleasure Dome” but both are great videos that not only have me incredibly excited for Zonoscope but are a great look into the lives of Cut Copy.


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