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The Up-Turn

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Here is brand new EP from Canadian rapper/producer EmAy.  EmAy’s production is some of the heaviest and hard-hitting that I have come across.  It is always full of bassy, distorted, and rough sampled drum sounds that give the rough landscapes of his tracks some type of pattern.  His production is also really interesting because he often tends to sample indie music including a lot of Guided By Voices.  Lastly, sometimes EmAy’s lyrics are like a mind fuck.  Usually he talks about normal every-day topics, but every once in a while he delves into talk about energy, chemicals, and black holes that are the type of thing I can’t understand but still sound awesome.  Suggested tracks from this EP are “Iron Pulse ‘Starboy'”, and “Lonely Night ‘Starlight'”.  You can stream each track and download them individually via bandcamp below, or download the entire project below that at EmAy’s website…



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