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Ducktails latest LP, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, is good.  Really good.  While the entire half-hour album is packed with chilled-out songs, the highlight for me is undoubtedly Mondanile’s collaboration with Panda Bear on the track Killin’ the Vibe.  Ducktails is all about making warm and relaxed songs that create great vibes and with Panda’s dreamy vocals floating behind it, this song rises into amazing territory.  The tropical infused guitar have never sounded better and the chorus is as catchy and smooth as we could ever ask for.  With the large amount of lush sounds going on, and the immense talent of song writing, Mondanile seems to not even break a sweat as he sings out the perfect lyrics “don’t go killin’/killin’ the vibe/I can’t take your life style/can’t you just sit awhile/and try your hardest to smile.”


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