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Kurt Vile is an indie singer-songwriter who I probably never would have listened to if it hadn’t been for one of my favorite radio stations Sirius XMU.  Vile is set to release his sophomore LP, Halo For My Smoke Ring, this March on Matador Records and the two recent leaks have me excited for the full-length.  When I first heard In My Time I was convinced that I had heard it before.  In My Time is one of those rare songs that sounds like an instant classic on first listen and has a melody so great that it sounded like I knew it from my childhood.  The 2nd track, Jesus Fever, finds the same gold as it dips into the same jangly guitar territory that sounds both fresh and classic.  From what I have heard so far, Vile’s second album is set to be one of my favorites of the year if the entire album can build and expand upon what these two songs already offer.  Stream both tracks below (via PMA).

In My Time:

Jesus Fever:


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