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Gucci Mane was just put into a mental hospital, but the music keeps coming.  First, we have a song he did with Worcester, Massachusetts douche bag rockers, DOM.  DOM gave the instrumental of their song “Living In America” (the original of which I hate) a slowed-down chopped and screwed feel, and had Gucci Mane put a verse over it.  I don’t know how the two got together, but it ended up well.  Next, we have a remix of Gucci Mane’s song “My Chain” by Jonwayne (Thanks to P&P).  Jonwayne’s new beat for the song is probably one of the best rap beats I’ve heard in a while.  The whole beat is in 8-bit, and seems bears a striking similarity to music you might here while playing Kirby or Mario.  Stream/download both below…


DOM – Living In America (Gucci Mane Remix)

Gucci Mane – My Chain (Jonwayne Remix)

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