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Sufjan Stevens has become a prolific figure in the world of independent music for his stunning and ambitious albums and incredibly personal and emotional lyrics.  The 52 minute documentary Crooked River is looking to give fans of Stevens an even greater look into the personal life of Sufjan and his brother Marzuki.  Directed by Kaleo La Belle, a childhood friend of the Stevens, Crooked River follows the two brothers as they make a trip back to Michigan and their father.  The film was shot in 2006 and although for a while an official release was looking doubtful, release of the film will hopefully happen soon.  The trailer above was released on December 29th which shows hope that the movie may get a release date in 2011.  I would really be excited to see this film seeing how well done the trailer is.  If Sufjan is as amazing at Pac-Man as he claims to be, Crooked River could be an amazing film.


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