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Everyone has been taking a rest over the past week or so, so there hasn’t been much new music.  I decided to take a listen to James Pants’ 2009 album Seven Seals which for some reason got very little press.  The album from the Stone’s Throw maestro is full of tracks that refuse to be crammed into a genre.  For example, in “Wash To Sea”, the arrangement of the song at some parts is similar to 1950’s Buddy Holly-type music and at other parts similar to a jazz record.  On top of this, instead of the wide array of instruments I am sure is at his disposal, he chooses to use out of date synthesizers for almost all of his songs.  When it comes together, James Pants’ music is extremely interesting and definitely entertaining.  “Wash To Sea” was one of my favorite tracks from the album and you can listen to it below.


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