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Sometimes an artist gets praise from all over the internet and is constantly mentioned and praised throughout the year and I still manage to never get around to listening to them.  This is the case with Janelle Monae.  All through 2010, her album Archandroid received universal praise and attention yet I only just listened to the album.  As I expected the album is filled with fast, memorable and interesting takes on modern electronic and pop music.  I love how Janelle has managed to take the best from indie-rock and pop to create a sound that is incredibly unique and fresh.

For anyone else who hasn’t taken the time to check her out it is definitely worth the time.  Archandroid is a great listen and will definitely suck you into it’s fantastic vision.  Janelle Monae is guaranteed to be a strong force in the music industry in the coming years and I can only see her material getting stronger as she continues to grow.


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