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One musical trend that we are a big fan of is the return to the simple songwriting styles of the 60s.  Girls have already captivated the blogosphere with their 2009 debut, Album, which featured sun-soaked music inspired by early Beach Boys and psych-rock.  Yuni In Taxco are a fresh band out of Seattle that are making catchy, jangly pop music that we can’t get enough of.  Although their style definitely reminds us a lot of Girls, they are unique and interesting enough that we can’t help but be entranced by their music.  Their latest offering, What Love Will Provide, is a two-track EP that you can download free below.  The title-track is a fantastic garage-rock song that has been stuck in my head all morning while the second track Whips slows things down with a synth driven ballad.  The EP shows a great amount of talent in the band and the tracks will both appear on a full-length set to release sometime next year.

Last April the band also released a self-titled EP which is a great sampler of the bands talent and style.  The EP shows off the bands knowledge of world-music and hints at tropicalia.  Songs like Kings of Borneo offer up interesting percussion and great songwriting.  The more I listen to Yuni In Taxco the more I realize how much I really like them.  Stream and Download the Yuni In Taxco EP below and check out their bandcamp and blog for more info.


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