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“A party on a roof in the midst of a forest. Our beings are being carried away by a non-existent storm. Throws us against saturated trees.” This cryptic and vivid phrase is the official description of the newest Atelier Ciseaux release.  The 7″ is a split of lo-fi poppers Reading Rainbow and Coasting.  Coming from the same label that fostered bands such as Best Coast, it is easy to be excited for the future of Reading Rainbow.  It is easy to listen to this band and take their lo-fi at face value, however, Reading Rainbow are not just another band trying to make it in the blogosphere the same way as Wavves.  Their music is thrashy, gritty and at the heart melodic and irresistible.  The split standout is clearly Euphoria which has the two band members, a husband and wife duo, singing a repetitious vocal harmony together.

Wasting Time:

Their tracks cover a lot of the same territory already paved by recent lo-fi acts like Best Coast and Wavves.  Songs like Wasting Time recall the same slacker attitude that defines those bands as the duo sing “If you have nothing to say/ I won’t mind/ Even for another day/ I won’t mind.”  Even in the crowded lo-fi territory, Reading Rainbow are easy standouts.  Their songs are catchy is memorable and they are steadily building up solid hype around the blogosphere.  I am very excited to listen to what they have for us in the future.


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