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The Up-Turn

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I used to be a boyscout so to be fair the initial reason I started listening to this band was because I loved the name.  The reason I kept listening to the band though is because of their awesome sound and their free EP, I LOVE FREE EP’S!  I ESPECIALLY LOVE FREE EP’S ON BANDCAMP!  Listening to Boyscout Discovery is sometimes like listening to a collage of radio transmissions mixed up and focused into a concise song.  The band definitely bares similarities to the Avalanches and the more recent collage of sound artist Nouveaunoise, but their music is still distinct and interesting.  Stand out tracks include the folksy ‘por avion’ and the electric-wash of ‘hey ragdoll’.  The EP is an incredibly enjoyable and short listen and one download comes with free time travel:

Download the EP via their bandcamp below.


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