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Every once and a while a song comes along that takes the blogoshpere by storm and receives universal hype and praise from almost every blogger.  Earlier this year Cult’s “Go Outside” and ceo’s “Come With Me” are some examples of these kinds of songs and now Destroyer’s newest is the latest to achieve this with their song “Chinatown.”  Destroyer isn’t a new band, they have been releasing music since the mid-90s fronted by Canadian songwriter Dan Bejar.  The reason they are getting so much attention now is their fantastic new single Chinatown.  Chinatown is a song that incorporates elements of jazz, folk and electronic sounding not much like anything we have heard before.  Destroyer are releasing their full-length, Kaputt, January 25th and the hype has been building a great deal thanks to the strengths of Chinatown.  Stream and download below.


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