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Bradford Cox is easily one of the most interesting musical figures making music today.  Under the names of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, Cox has been creating amazing music influenced by everything from Animal Collective to punk-rock.  Most interesting is Cox’s personal story as he spent many years of his childhood in and out of hospitals suffering from the genetic Marfan Syndrome.  It was because of these experiences that Cox began recording music and much of his childhood has inspired his songwriting.  As a treat to all his fans Cox has released 4 volumes of unreleased material for free all adding up to a total of over 2 and a half hours of new material.  FOR FREE!  I have already listened to two of the volumes completely and they are an amazing mix of electronics, instrumentals and other pieces of songs that all give a personal look into Cox’s mind.  The volumes are intimate and private looks into Cox’s life and they are a great addition to any music collection.  Down the volumes below.

UPDATE:  According to Cox Sony Music has taken down the downloads to his Volumes 2-4 saying “Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom.” He is trying to get them back on so hopefully they will go back up soon.

UPDATE:  The links are back up where they will hopefully stay untouched by Sony.

Download Vol. 1

Download Vol. 2

Download Vol. 3

Download Vol. 4

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