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Oberhofer is the project of 20 year old, NYU student Brad Oberhofer.  Although Oberhofer is a one-man, bedroom project he is not making the current fad of hazy, lo-fi, electro-pop that is in excess these days.  Oberhofer makes energetic and sporadic songs that are both immediate and completely unique.  Brad records all the instruments himself and has not drowned the sounds out in layers of fuzz or reverb leaving no excuse for poor song-writing.

Away Frm You:

It might be easy to classify Oberhofer as garage rock but that doesn’t accurately describe the sound that he is making.  The only band that is remotely similar to Oberhofer is blog favorite Gauntlet Hair, but even that comparison doesn’t really sum up what exactly makes Oberhofer so unique.  The songs for the most part disregard a common song structure however, they are not lacking in immediacy or accessibility.  It is probably pointless for me to try to describe his awesome sounds so just stream and download some tracks below.


Should’ve Taken Acid With You (Neon Indian Cover)


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