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The Up-Turn

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So Jay Electronica (often heralded as the Messiah of conscious rap) just signed with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and Diddy, who has been paling around with Jay Elec for a while, is pissed… and that’s hilarious.  Jay’s ever delayed, ever hyped debut album Act II still hasn’t dropped almost a year after it was supposed to, but maybe this new contract means the release date is growing closer.  Well anyways, he just released two new tracks “The Announcement” (presumably referring to his announcement that he is the newest Roc Nation signee) which samples a JFK speech, and “Shiny Suit Theory” which features the man himself, Jay-Z.  So far “The Announcement” hasn’t gripped my attention, but “Shiny Suit Theory” is a swagful (I invented that word) track that sounds the only way I can imagine a song being called “Shiny Suit Theory” sounding.  Download the two tracks below and look for Jay Electronica’s debut Act II to hit shelves some time within the next 20 or 30 years.




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