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The Up-Turn

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I don’t try to hide the fact that I am a huge fan of indie-bands experimenting with afro-pop.  The Very Best, Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors have all won me over with their polyrhythmic guitars and up-beat drumming.  Tree Hopping, the one man project of Gabriel Berrios, is the latest band to embrace this genre and I can’t get enough of their music.  Tree Hopping makes all his music completely out of loops, either recorded or sampled, which Berrios sings and sometimes yells over.  Each song has at least one element sampled from other music to show how his influences have affected his music.  What separates Tree Hopping from other afro-pop bands is how Berrios infuses latin american music into his songs.  His sample-based style will definitely feel familiar to anyone who is fans of El Guincho, but that is not to say that Tree Hopping is copying his style.  Tree Hopping sounds completely unique and fresh, and his EP The Beat Band has been playing non-stop in my dorm room all day.  You can stream and buy The Beat Band below.


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