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Super duper hipster rapper Theophilus London teams up with Beyoncé’s lil’ hipster sister Solange and Devonte Hynes of british dance/punk band Test Icicles for a new track on mountain dew’s surprisingly good label Green Label Sound.  A different version of this song without any features was on Theophilus London’s most recent mixtape I Want You.  Despite being the epitome of a Williamsburg, Brooklyn hipster fuck, Theophilus London can put some nice tunes together.  This new version of “Flying Overseas” is actually a really nice zoned out track that is sure to please both hip-hop and indie fans, and Solange Knowles’ vocals are a really nice addition to the chorus.  Theophilus London, no matter how much your denim jackets, thick-rimmed glasses, and snap back hats make me want to kick you in the face, I have to admit you make good music.

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