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It is not often that a band remixes a cover they have done of another band.  Crystal Castles however have taken their cover of Platinum Blonde’s I’m Not in Love and remixed it to feature the vocals of Robert Smith, vocalist of the Cure.  Check out my full review after the jump.

Platinum Blonde’s original lyrics are amazing and emotion fueled.  When Robert Smith sings those lyrics they become something beyond just amazing.  Smith’s vocals are perfectly suited for the story that is told in the song, and he adds a lot of emotional depth and feeling.  Crystal Castles have beefed up the synths in this song making them more immediate and pronounced.  The synths swell with energy and create great sonic landscapes for Smith’s stellar voice.  I have listened to all three versions of the song and this is undoubtedly the best version.  The chorus is strengthened immensely by the powerful synths and it adds an energy that the original and cover did not have.  I have listened to this song countless times and I can’t imagine I will stop listening anytime soon.  Listen to all three versions below.



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